Questions And AnswersCategory: ChemistryWhich of the following is used as antipyretic ?
saini Staff asked 12 months ago

Question : Which of the following is used as antipyretic ?

(1) Paracetamol

(2) Chloroquine

(3) Chloramphenicol

(4) LSD

Answer : all in above options the (1) Paracetamol is correct answer.

details explanation of answer : antipyretic drug are those medicines which are used in fever , these drug reduced fever or prevent fever so answer is (1) Paracetamol is used as antipyretic drug to reduce fever.

How antipyretic reduced body temperature or fever ?

prostaglandin is a body substance which induced fever or it increases body temperature. On other hand antipyretic is a substance which hypothalamus over ride prostaglandin and try to reduced body temperature or fever and maintain body temperature normal state.

Paracetamol is a drug which is generally known as acetaminophen and its chemical formula is given as “C8H9NO2” another or technical term is used for Paracetamol is N-acetyl-para-aminophenol.  Paracetamol is used to reduced fever that’s why this is called antipyretic or we can say that this is used as antipyretic.

The structure of Paracetamol is given below –