Questions And AnswersCategory: ChemistryEquanil is ___________ ?
saini Staff asked 12 months ago

Question : Equanil is ___________ ?

(1) artificial sweetener

(2) tranquilizer

(3) antihistamine

(4) antifertility drug

answer : From all above options the correct answer is (2) tranquilizer .

Explanation of answer : tranquilizer refers to a group of drug which is used to reduce anxiety, fear, tension or to calm mental disturbances and the Equanil is a type of drug which is used for treatment of anxiety. anxiety is a type of medicine which comes under category of tranquilizer that’s why (2) tranquilizer is correct for Equanil , it means Equanil is tranquilizer.

The chemical structure of Equanil is given below

equanil tablets
equanil tablets